Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yummy (and gross)

I know that I'm officially a "grown-up" and that my taste if food should be more sophisticated than, say, my two year old niece but I'm afraid it isn't. You see I have a dirty little secret and it's name is Kraft. Mac and Cheese to be more specific, but it's the Kraft part that's important. Imitation powdered cheese just isn't the name, neither is that Velveeta crap (I'm sorry but I'm not buying a cheese that isn't found in the cheese section). The only problem is that I hate, I really hate, the sound it makes.

I know what you're thinking.... Mac and Cheese doesn't make a sound.

But it does, and it's horrible. It sounds just like the word moist. And I really hate the word moist (even more than the sound of mac and cheese). It's just gross, and dirty, and, well moist. It's almost enough to prevent me from making it, almost. Perhaps earplugs would help.

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