Saturday, March 27, 2010

International Adoption: As explained by a three year old

I've been off-line lately which has be great for getting things done around my house but not so great for my internet addiction (or maybe it was good for that also).  Long story short my  beautiful, shiny, new computer BROKE.  But never fear, dell is sending me a new one (probably because I haven't finished paying for the broken one), and until then I'm borrowing some computer time at my parents while everyone is out shopping.

And now for the story that inspired the title of this post....

My niece Ella, aside from being the most entertaining 3 year old out there, also happens to have been adopted from China.  She knows all about adoption and asks questions about it pretty frequently.  We have a big group of adoption friends who we get together with frequently so it's not like any part of the process is a secret, I just didn't know she paid such close attention!  The other morning we had the following conversation on the way to school.

Ella: "Jesse, how old your dau-er (daughter) is"
Me:  "I'm not sure Ella, probably around 2"
Ella: "How big she is?"
Me: "Smaller than you"
Ella: "Jesse, you got to do all that paperwork so you can go and get her just like my mama got me"
Me: "I'm working on it"
Ella: "Ms. Kim did all her paperwork por (for) she can go get Little Mister David"
Me:  "I know, Ms. Kim is just faster than me"
Ella: "But I want her"
Me: "Me too Ella, me too"

If only it were really that simple!!!