Monday, May 11, 2009

Half a loaf

I'm single and I'm totally cool with that, but there are a few times when I find it would just be more convenient to be in a relationship.

Example 1:
I'm at the grocery store and I need to buy bread for sandwiches. Now, when I'm in the mood for sandwiches I usually eat them for 2-3 days in a row and then I'm cashed out for a good month. But there is way more than 2-3 sandwiches worth of bread in a loaf. Why can't you buy a half loaf of bread? Really, I know I could freeze it but it just doesn't taste the same when you thaw it (despite what Bridget may say).

Example 2:
While I begrudgingly mow my lawn and take out the trash I can't help but think that this is a man job. Yeah, I know that basically makes me a bad woman but whatever. Before you sic the scary feminists after me let me just say that I'm all for women's rights. And as a woman it's my right to not have to do certain things. Just stick me on a time-machine and send me back to 1950. Hasn't anyone come up with a business plan for situations like this? There should be a number I can call to get someone to come do the "Man chores" around the house (lawn, trash, anything to do with the car).

Huh, on second thought maybe I don't need a relationship. I just need more money so I can get a lawn service and a maid....


  1. If we make it by your house this weekend, I'll take out your trash! (and maybe even cut the grass if the price is right...)

  2. bread ... freeze what you don't eat - frosen is nasty for sandiwches after thawed - I'm with you on that - BUT it makes great French toast - take out a few slices at the time, let em thaw, dip em, fry em... Yum-O! OR buy the more expensive smaller loaves of bread - like CobbleStone Mill or whatever that stuff is.

  3. I am married, but being a military wife it means I still have to deal with many of the annoyances of being single about 80% of the time. I am alone during the week so I can also never manage to finish a loaf of bread.

    I think being short makes it more difficult to take out the trash. Its much easier for taller men to carry it without it dragging on the ground and hold it at an arm's length, whereas a shorter woman has to hoist it up and its pretty hard to keep it from banging against my legs. Such a nuisance!