Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Don't be Dumb

Here's the thing, I really think that things would go much better in life if people would follow this one simple rule....Don't Be Dumb. I heard an advertisement for a news segment tonight about how to avoid "cyber thieves". Apparently these "cyber thieves" find out about you on facebook, and then call your friends/family/strangers begging for money. People are falling for it. Well you know what people? Don't Be Dumb! It's like those Internet or mail scams that get people to send checks to some 3rd world country, but then promise to triple your money in a week. Really? How about this....Don't Be Dumb!

If someone calls me begging for money chances are they're not getting it. And if they're claiming to be a friend/family I'm so totally going to test them to see if it's really them, and then I'm still not going to send them cash (sorry folks). Plus, I'm pretty sure that if someone were to call claiming to be B, then I'd realize it wasn't her by the sound of her voice. If not I'll ask the ultimate question that only B would be able to answer "tell me about the greatest nap ever". Ditto for my sister, "what's the name of that girl who got your hermit crab" or any family member, "what kind of plastic surgery did I have"?

But before I did all that, before I gave the third degree to someone on the phone, before I let some stranger go on and on and on about how they need money, before all that I'm going to remember this.

Don't...Be...Dumb (and then I'll probably hang up and laugh because I'm smarmy like that).


  1. Best post evah...totally laughed out loud!

  2. As we say in the south ... Here's Your Sign!