Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Awesome Amish

I just got back from a visit to Pennsylvania and, just like always, I found myself completely enamored with all things Amish.  I mean, come on, the barns, the horses, the buggies, the Rumschpringe's almost like Little House on the Prairie only with more of a dress code. 

This, of course, let to my inevitable "wouldn't it be like totally awesome to be Amish" moment. Where I think about how nice it would be to get away from the world.  How peaceful it must be without the TV or radio or internet.  How, even if I were to still be a teacher in my alternate Amish Universe, all the kids are like totally polite.  How idyllic the farming lifestyle is  (Side-note, when I have this fantasy I like to conviently leave out all of the hard work involved in actual farming and focus on the TV version where farmers are peaceful, hardworking, God-fearing folks).

Then again, I look around and realize that I'm writing this post on my laptop with the TV on and have gotten about 6 texts in the last 5 minutes.  I also realize that sleeping until noon is probably discourage in the Amish world, as are pants for girls.  And, since I'd rather get a massage then wear a skirt (side note 2,  the very idea of getting a massage sends me into near panic mode so this is, in fact, not a good thing), I suppose I'll have to make due with just visiting Amish Country and not actually being Amish.

Although deep down inside I still think it would be kind of awesome to be Amish...for like, a week.