Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Years

Two years ago today I was at home much like today, but my sister and mom were in China. We were all getting ready for "Gottcha Day". The day that Ella would finally meet her mommy, and we would finally see updated pictures of Ella. Two years ago today, I woke up in the middle of the night ready to check my sister's blog for pictures of Ella but managed to convince myself to go back to sleep after realizing what time it was. (Imagine my surprise when I woke up in the morning and read Noelle's blog...turns out that at the exact same time that I woke up in Georgia, she was seeing Ella for the first time. Really if it weren't for our 3 year age difference I'd say it was a freaky twin thing). Two years ago today I got a phone call from my BFF on the way to work, screaming that the pictures were finally up! Two years ago today I sat with Beth and laughed and cried when we looked at the pictures for the first time together. Two years ago today I became an Aunt, and it remains my # 1 day ever.

Ella only a few months after coming home!

Ella, 1 year into the family

Ella, 2 years at home and fully in charge of....everyone!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Confession Part 2

I am not a trendy person as my friends will be quick to tell you. I hate to shop. I often think that the "fashion" I see in the stores looks stupid and don't understand haute couture. However, there is one piece of fashion that I love, that I wish I could wear, that's makes me wish I lived in a different decade...


I love hats, and I'm not talking baseball here people. I'm talking about Hats with a Capital H. Hats that were part of ensembles. Hat's with feathers and bows. BIG hats that cover your entire head, and little hats that only cover a part of your hair. Sadly, I don't wear hats. Sadly, most people don't wear hats. Sadly, hats are not "in". But oh, how I wish they were. I wish I had a hat to go with every outfit. And hat boxes and hat pins for each one.

Perhaps if I had been born 50 years ago I could have had the hats of my dreams. Of course then it would also be 50 years ago and I would have things like the Internet or Deadliest Catch. Still, it would be nice to be able to buy and wear the hats that I long for. I suppose that until time travel becomes a reality, or hats come back into fashion, I'll have to just slap on a baseball hat and pretend it's adorned with bow and flowers and that people don't think I'm crazy for loving hats!

Aren't Pets Grand?

I written before about how my cat would kill me if she could (and love every minute of it), but I'm not sure if I mentioned that she has split personalities or not. She's sort of a Jekyll and Hyde type of cat. Only I like to think of her as Cordy and Cordelia. As Cordy she's sweet and kind, she likes to snuggle (although only twice a day). Cordy let 2 toddlers pet her last weekend and likes to clean my dog's fur. Cordy is a house cat.

Cordelia on the other hand is the one who wants to kill me. She's a wild beast. She is also the one who, at the moment, is unnecessarily angry at me for changing her kitty litter to a new brand. Cordelia is the one who pooped in her bed and, most recently, decided to pee in my dog's food dish. Yeah, that's just want I love to come home food congealed in cat pee.

If you think that's gross, your right. And it's probably worse than you are imagining.

I am determined to not let Cordelia beat me. I've cleverly put a thin layer of her old litter over the new stuff in the litter box. Let's hope Cordy emerges soon and gives it a shot because I'm so over cleaning crap up all over the house, the litter box is gross enough!