Thursday, February 4, 2010

Black & White

I guess its time to get this out in the open....I think black and white movies are boring.  And yes I do mean all black and white movies.  I can't help it, I guess my brain just isn't wired for that.  I need color, bright bold over-the-top color.  I've tried to like black and white movies, I really have.  I've seen It's a Wonderful Life and, sorry Clarence, I hated it.  Any not just a little....

I mean come on...nothing even blows up.  It's boring, a friend recently told me that black and white movies make her sleepy, and I totally agree.   I practically needed an IV drip of caffeine to make it through Casablanca and I really, really wanted to like that one (it's a classic). 

Call me unpolished, uncouth, or a product of my generation but seriously I need action and adventure and cute boys and color!  I'd rather watch Lethal Weapon (it's funny and stuff blows up), The Hangover (it's funny and there are cute boys), Die Hard (stuff blows up and there are cute boys), or The Sound of Music (threw you with that one huh, but really folks musicals win me over every time...unless they're in black and white).

So maybe I'll never be a film critic or a member of the Academy but, I'm ok with that.  And if you're a movie that is musical, or funny, or has cute boys or explosions then my house is the place to and white movies need not apply (although I do accept the cheesy and sappy as well).


  1. Hello from a fellow English major! I have to say I like a few black and white movies. The Thin Man is classic, and Arsenic and Old Lace is hilariously disturbing.

  2. I had to watch a whole slew of black and white films for one of my lit classes in college (pulp fiction), it pretty much ruined them for me!!