Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Fever

I'll admit it, I totally have Olympic Fever and I know I'm not alone in this.  I watch sports rarely, less than rarely really, but once every four years I get obsessed with the Olympics.  (I say every four years because the Summer Olympics just don't do it for me, after gymnastics and diving I'm pretty much out).  But for the Winter Olympics? I'll watch just about anything, all of that skiing and skating and snowboarding and sledding (I'm talking about you bobsledders and lugers), that stuff is wicked fun to watch.  It also helps that those athletes are all a little bit nuts, you'd have to be to do what they do.  I love every cheesy, over the top, stupid dramatic, piece of it. 

Touching stories about athletes overcoming adversity?  Love it!

Profiles of countries and places that I've never heard of?  Love it!

Restrospective looks at every mistake an athlete made at the last Olympics followed by the word "redemption" said at least 1000 times a broadcast?  Love it!

Instant replays everytime someone falls down?  Love it!

Watching the Olympians tear up at the medals ceromony and tearing up myself no matter what national anthem is playing?  Love it!

I love it all, but the snowboarding? Oh the snowboarding.... I admit to be unabashedly jealous of the snowboarders. I want to be able to do that!  Not enough to actually learn mind you, because I don't want to be a beginner, I want to be good and I'd like to start out that way.  Clearly this as good a reason as any to just dream about it and not actually do it.   None of the other sports look nearly as cool as the snowboarding.  None of the other athletes look nearly as fun to hang out with.   It is by far my favorite Winter Olympic sport (and I realize they snowboard at other times that I could watch on tv but it's just to stressful!)  I'm tell you the reason I never watch sports is probably because it's to exhausting to love something this much.  From every over the top opening ceremony to the torch being extinguished I just love the Winter Olympics, heck I'll probably even watch Curling (if just to marvel at the fact that it is an actual sport), but Snowboarding will always be my favorite!

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