Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ups and Downs

Sometimes being a grown-up can really suck.  Seriously, adults have to  make some crappy decisions sometimes and there are moments when I wish I could just ignore things until they go away.  Unfortunately that can't happen, so instead I occasionally indulge myself in a box of Lucky Charms to feed my inner child. 

I've spent a LOT of time lately thinking about adoption, and money, and adoption, and money, and money, and money, and money which I hate because this is so not about the money.   The thing is that I am 100% committed to adopting, but I'm also 100% committed to paying my bills.  Which for me, means that the normal 18-24 month wait for this adoption may stretch out an extra year while I work my rear off making extra money.    Until some of my bills get paid I cannot, in good faith, take on a loan to pay for this adoption.  I would rather work and save for an extra year so that when I'm home with baby I can do things like pay for daycare, and food....

So my painting/babysitting/tutoring/housesitting/etc will continue in full force.  I am still having the garage sale (my guest room is filling with stuff, you guys are awesome).   I am accepting prayers of all shapes and sizes (the more the merrier)!!  And I will keep working, and saving, and paying off debt because I still know that my daughter is out there and that she'll come home when the time is right! 

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