Sunday, September 27, 2009

Garage Sale!

One of the many ideas that I've gotten about raising money for the adoption is to have a garage sale.  The only problem is that I had one last year and I just don't have that much stuff to sell.  I do however have a yard to sell stuff in and, as you know, will do anything for money (well anything legal).  So here's the deal.  I know a LOT of you have lots of stuff that you'd like to get rid of/take to Goodwill/burn/whatever.  How about instead of all that, you give it to me?

I'm going to be collecting stuff to sell in a garage sale over the next several weeks.  If you are local, have stuff to get rid of, and are willing to donate it to my sale please let me know.  I'll even come pick up anything that I can fit into my car. You know what they man's trash is another woman's Bulgarian Adoption Fund!

1 comment:

  1. I'll bring some stuff...just remind me please. :-)