Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In the spirit of Thanksgiving I've been thinking about all the things that I'm grateful for, and here's what I came up with...

Today I'm thankful, enormously thankful, tremendously thankful, that Facebook wasn't around when I was in college (not that it was that long ago). College was fun, very fun, at times it was probably entirely too much fun, but it was also not plastered all of the internet.  The things that I remember remain fond, if hazy, memories. The things that I've forgotten, well they are certainly better off forgotten.   Those were carefree days when not every piece of electronic equipment housed a camera and you didn't have to worry about pictures from a party showing up online before you managed to stumble home (although some of those old school albums that keep popping up are pretty funny).   And yes, I realize that I sound like my grandmother, waxing poetic about the Victrola and Model-T, but seriously not everything is meant for public consumption.    Can you imagine all the dumb stuff I would have done?  My mouth and brain were not always connected during those years so I can't imagine what I would have posted, or who I would have poked or stalked (well actually, yes I think we all know what that would have been...).  I did, and do, enough embarrassing stuff without the help of the World Wide Web. 

So for now, I will remain grateful that the most embarrassing thing I did at a computer back then was send the occasional sad and lame email, and write a lots and lots of really bad stories.

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