Monday, July 30, 2012

The Niece, The Myth, The Legend

My niece is many things.

She is five. She is OBSESSED with horses (seriously, yesterday she wore her riding helmet all day and "rode" her plastic horses around). She is both incredibly excited and incredibly nervous about starting Kindergarten next week. She is freakishly tall for her age. 

But above all those things she is...

Naturally Skinny

This is a condition that I had previously believed only existed in Mary Higgins Clark novels (naturally skinny heroines always wear trousers and do their hair in chignons).  It is not a condition I am personally familiar with.  In fact, until she came into our lives as a very bald, very serious, and very tall 10 months old I didn't believe that naturally skinny people actually existed.

It seemed a myth. Like Bigfoot, or Yeti, or people who found Michal Bolton attractive.

Imagine my surprise when I first encountered her saying "I'm full" half-way though an ice cream cone.  Seriously?  Who stops eating an ice cream cone? 

Naturally Skinny People...that's who.

Today my sister and I had to go to Target to exchange a skirt for her because the size Small that my mom bought her was too big.  And not a little too big, it was HUGE on her.

So we had to get an Extra Small.

The last Extra Small item I bought was the mini blizzard at Dairy Queen....

don't judge me

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