Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Tale of Two Opossums

Here we are on Wednesday night and I was just thinking how awesome it is that I haven't seen Mad-Eye Moody since his second appearance on Friday, when I wander over to let the dog out and


That's me, screaming to myself, because I'm home alone being besieged by opossums.

Translated this means: "Well oh my, it appears that there a opossum on the porch and dear me it is definitely NOT my nemesis Mad-Eye Moody"

Are you impressed that I can tell opossums apart?

Well I can and here is my slightly grainy iPhone camera proof!  You'll have to pardon the shakiness of the the photos but the rush of adrenaline at the site of a opossum leaves me unable to hold my phone steady (and probably with the strength to lift a car above my head but since the cars were outside I clearly couldn't test this theory out)

First up Mad-Eye Moody. (notice how extra huge and creepy he is) 

Enter the new opossum (I'm gonna have to assume that she is his Lady Love)


She is way smaller, and has two working eyes. If my sister were home she would come up with a clever name for her. I don't have time for that because I have to go teach the dog to pee in the toilet since there is a ZERO percent chance that I'm opening the door to let him out! Then I have to go hide.

Did I mention that I'm home alone?

Also I'm afraid my now public disregard for nature is really going have a negative impact on the chances of me marrying Cowboy Josh....bummer

And since moving doesn't seem like a valid option I have decided I need to go to bed earlier thus limiting my chance of seeing a romantic tryst between Mad-Eye and his Lady Love. 

Ignorance is bliss people

(but if any sweet opossum lovin' starts happening I am so out of here)

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