Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stuck in a moment you can't get out of

No this post isn't a tribute to U2 (although I love them) it just seemed like an appropriate title for what transpired in my backyard earlier this evening. 

As I was bringing in the trash can I noticed something strange out of the  corner of my eye.  At the bottom of the gate there was something that just wasn't right.  Upon further inspection I found a turtle, a little turtle, a little cute turtle that had wedged itself between 2 parts of the fence.  It was completly vertical and absolutly stuck.  In fact, I thought it was dead at first and almost didn't bend down for a closer look (I've had dead turtles in the yard before...gross).  I felt so bad thinking about the little guy that I had to look and, to my relief, the turtle moved.  I tried to pull it out but it kept making a strange squeaking noise.  Did you know turtles can squeak?  Yeah, neither did I, I was afraid I was going to smash it (double gross).  Well it took some work, and some garden tools (covered in gloves so I didn't pierce anything) but I did manage to make a lever and make enough space between the two pieces of wood to get the little guy out!  I put him in the flower bed and he promptly burrowed himself under the mulch!   I'm taking this as a win for turtle-kind.

This story is so much better with pictures, but alas, while I was able to snap some shots of the incident I can't upload them.  My camera is experiencing an epic fail, the result of landing in the sand while on a trip to Lake Erie.  But on the bright side a new camera seems like a great gift for the mom-to-be (hint hint)!

p.s. I can't find the spell check button on this new version of blogger....what's up with that?  Also, I suck at spelling, sorry!

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