Sunday, July 5, 2009


Last week I drove to Gray to visited the BFF and my drive takes me right through a college town that reminds me a lot of Wittenberg. There are kids wandering campus in their Greek gear, lounging in the grass studying and playing Frisbee. It makes me feel nostalgic, it makes me feel sad, it makes me want to break into song (as most things do). I make this drive a lot, and every time, every single time, I start to sing "I Wish I Could Go Back To College" from Avenue Q (don't judge me). But like the song says; "If I were to go back to college, think what a loser I'd be. I'd sit in the quad, and think oh my god, these kids are so much younger than me."

When exactly did that happen? When did I get old? When did I stop being able to stay up all night and still function the next day? When did a half of beer start being enough to make me tipsy? When did I become someone who worries about paying the mortgage? I could swear to you that Wittenberg seems a like a lifetime ago, and that it just happened.

But like with all things I do have some regrets about college, I know I should have studied more, I should have had more confidence in myself, I should have studied abroad, I should have had the guts to confess my crush on you know you who. Still, despite those regrets, college was fun. Really, really, really fun. And I have friends from college who I still talk to. And I recently discovered that even after 9 years you can reconnect and have fun with old college friends. I'd love to go back, but only to visit. I'm not sure I could make that daily trudge up the hill from the KD house to...well any building on campus. I'm fairly certain that I wouldn't be able to cart heavy books around the bookstore, and I know I couldn't drink as much. But it sure would be fun to wake up in the cold dorm on a snow day and spend the morning watching the Price is Right waiting for Joann to tell us that lunch was ready, and then spending the afternoon in the Commons reading and writing and "studying" and gossiping about what had happened the night before...

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