Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Compulsive Reader

I am a compulsive reader, I admit it. I'm not ashamed of the fact that I have two shelves full of books that I've bought and haven't read yet. I read all the time. I know for a fact that I read 112 books in 2008. I know that because I keep a list. I started the list because I was curious about how many books I actually read. I keep the list because I'm a wee bit obsessive compulsive. The list is even broken down my months since I wasn't satisfied with my 2007 list that just had a total number of books read

In addition to being a compulsive reader I also love bookstores. And when I say that I love bookstores I mean that I really, really love them. I love the smell, and the sound, and the sight of bookstores. Once in London I went to a bookstore that is 5 stories tall. It was possibly the greatest day of my life (okay maybe not the greatest day, but it definitely makes the top 20). It was what I imagine my personal heaven to look like. There were books floor to ceiling and crammed into corners. I spent the better part of an afternoon roaming the store and didn't even see half of it.

While the bookstores here just can't compare to the magical afternoon I spent at Foyles I still manage to waste plenty of afternoons just wandering the aisles of my local bookstores. I hate shopping in general, and don't understand going to a store "just to look", but a bookstore is the one store that I'm always willing to visit. It doesn't matter if I have money to spend, or time to shop I'll drop just about anything for the chance to go to a bookstore. This afternoon was a prime example; I wasted an hour (and $50 that i didn't have) at Barnes & Noble. I found 4 new books that can join the growing number of books on my shelves just waiting to be read.

I can't say why I keep buying books, or when I'll get through reading all of the books I have, but no matter what at least my compulsive tendencies aren't hurting anything...well except for my bank account.


  1. i'm glad you're a compulsive reader...without your books I'd have to actually buy my own(gasp!)

  2. Compulsive reader here, too. I got the Kindle e-book reader in '07 to feed my habit...once you get past the up-front cost, you make up the cost pretty quickly on the lower priced books. It is even easier to make impulse buys, though too...I think I've got 10 books backed up in queue.

    I just finished the Outlander series from Diana Gabaldon - light historical fiction w/ lots of adventure, and a sprinkle of romance...I kind of have that good book hangover, as I seek the next fix. :)