Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Years

Two years ago today I was at home much like today, but my sister and mom were in China. We were all getting ready for "Gottcha Day". The day that Ella would finally meet her mommy, and we would finally see updated pictures of Ella. Two years ago today, I woke up in the middle of the night ready to check my sister's blog for pictures of Ella but managed to convince myself to go back to sleep after realizing what time it was. (Imagine my surprise when I woke up in the morning and read Noelle's blog...turns out that at the exact same time that I woke up in Georgia, she was seeing Ella for the first time. Really if it weren't for our 3 year age difference I'd say it was a freaky twin thing). Two years ago today I got a phone call from my BFF on the way to work, screaming that the pictures were finally up! Two years ago today I sat with Beth and laughed and cried when we looked at the pictures for the first time together. Two years ago today I became an Aunt, and it remains my # 1 day ever.

Ella only a few months after coming home!

Ella, 1 year into the family

Ella, 2 years at home and fully in charge of....everyone!


  1. She is so adorable, I love seeing the pictures of her on facebook. My favorite is the one of her and James at his wedding. I love seeing how much joy she is bringing into your lives!

  2. I know I said it to Noelle, but seriously? The 2 years she's been home have gone by a million times faster than the 2 years Noelle waited to go get her...right? Is it just me? How did it go by so fast????

  3. That morning is also firmly routed in my memory - recently a new mom myself, awake, but exhausted and hitting refresh, refresh, refresh, and then bawling my eyes out when I saw the pics. love all of you! Anne