Saturday, August 8, 2009

Aren't Pets Grand?

I written before about how my cat would kill me if she could (and love every minute of it), but I'm not sure if I mentioned that she has split personalities or not. She's sort of a Jekyll and Hyde type of cat. Only I like to think of her as Cordy and Cordelia. As Cordy she's sweet and kind, she likes to snuggle (although only twice a day). Cordy let 2 toddlers pet her last weekend and likes to clean my dog's fur. Cordy is a house cat.

Cordelia on the other hand is the one who wants to kill me. She's a wild beast. She is also the one who, at the moment, is unnecessarily angry at me for changing her kitty litter to a new brand. Cordelia is the one who pooped in her bed and, most recently, decided to pee in my dog's food dish. Yeah, that's just want I love to come home food congealed in cat pee.

If you think that's gross, your right. And it's probably worse than you are imagining.

I am determined to not let Cordelia beat me. I've cleverly put a thin layer of her old litter over the new stuff in the litter box. Let's hope Cordy emerges soon and gives it a shot because I'm so over cleaning crap up all over the house, the litter box is gross enough!

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