Friday, June 5, 2009

Toilet Trials

To start off my summer vacation I decided to tackle the toilet in my guest bathroom. This toilet has been a pain in the rear since I moved into the house several years ago. My poor dad has been over many times to replace flappers, and fiddle around inside the tank trying to stop it from running constantly. After the last flapper install Dad declared that the whole system would have to be replaced. Well that was about 6 months ago and we've both been to busy to do anything about it. I was talking (i.e. complaining) about this to my BFF Bridget and she told me that she had replaced the innards of the toilet at her old house.
Well if SHE could do it, then darn it so could I. I promptly headed to Home Depot and bought a complete toilet repair kit that promised to be "easy to install". The box even declared "easy to install", the guy at Home Depot who I asked about it said "easy to install". HA, it was definitely NOT easy to install. Factor in my RA which means my hands have very little strength, and screws that are so corroded that they literally disintegrate when you touch them, this Easy to Install system ended up taking me 1 week, 1 visit from my mom, 1 call to our pastor, 1 visit from said pastor, and 1 new tool courtesy of said pastor. (Dad is currently in Israel, hence my calling our other pastor for help). But, after Mom and Pastor Alex helped me unscrew the tank from the bowl I was able to do the rest of the install myself, and I'm pretty darn pleased!!

Finally the tank comes off! All it took was 2
extra days, and 2 extra helpers.

As though the toilet wasn't enough of a project I
decided that this was the perfect time to remove
the wall paper from that area to make painting easier.

A tub full of old (gross) parts.

A floor covered with tools and wall paper debris

Now just look at that! A beautiful new system.
Sweet Success


  1. Congratulations! You had a very productive day yesterday!