Thursday, November 17, 2011

How do I not own this?

There are a few things you should know about me....

First, I'm pretty much always cold.

Second, I dig crafting. 

Knowing this one would think that I would be the proud owner of a Snuggie (Hello?  A blanket with sleeves....GENIUS).  I could be warm and craft, or read, or play on the computer without having to readjust the blanket to keep me snuggly (OMG do you think that's where they got the name?).  I have a plethora of blankets, fleece, wool, big, small, electric, and old fashioned, but I don't own a Snuggie. Which is sad, but I've been able to muddle through life just fine without one thank-you-very-much.

Last week I found myself flipping through one of the approximately 10 million catalogs that have arrived in the mail this month and I came across that can only be described as the GREATEST. SNUGGIE. EVER.

But before you can fully appreciate how completely amazing this particular Snuggie is, you have to know one more thing about me...

Once upon a time it was my dream to be Wonder Woman.  Seriously.  She is clearly awesome.  I spent a good deal of time running around in my Wonder Woman underroos pretending to be her.  And so you must understand that when I saw an ad for this

I was immediately transported back to a childhood spent running around our apartment in this...

And it became abundantly clear that THIS Snuggie was made for me!!! (for real yo, I want it)!!

1 comment:

  1. First off, TOTALLY understand you wanting a snuggie! I have a slanket (QVC) and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!! Even Todd (who used to make fun of me for having one) uses it!!!!

    Second, ADORABLE picture of you as Wonder Woman!! That is sooo sweet!!

    I'm hoping that Santa delivers that particular snuggie to you!

    You're a wonder, Wonder Woman!