Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pollen War

Growing up in Michigan I knew what pollen was. We learned about it in Science class through the use of some really awesome film-strips. Pollen was the stuff that bees pick up as they fly from flower to flower. Pollen was the stuff that game some people the sniffles. Pollen was, above all else, invisible.

Then I moved to Georgia. Pollen, in Georgia, isn't hidden in pretty flowers. Pollen in Georgia descends upon the state in waves. It attacks like an invading army, leaving a trail of Kleenex and watery eyes in its wake. It falls from the trees in a thick shower of yellow powder that covers every available surface (inside and out) of the entire state. No one, and no place, is safe from pollen. And when it rains.... Oh you'd imagine that the rain would be great as it knocks the pollen out of the air, but you'd be wrong. When it rains the pollen puddles, and collects, and creates an oil slick on the road. It's gross. It gives everyone allergies. It means I can't use my porch until it ends. It means I have to add one more pill to my medicine cabinet. It sucks.

Right now I'm in a war against pollen...and the pollen is winning.

This awesome picture is of the pollen that I washed off my back porch


  1. After almost 9 years here, I still can't get used to it!! I remember my first spring, I just kept asking everyone "what is this stuff?" and "why do I now have a yellow car?". I love when we have the windows open in our house and the inside of the window sills turn yellow. The beauty of Georgia.....

  2. That does not sound like fun. I remember a few years ago when I was in atlanta for a conference, everything was this ugly yellow/green color. We have it up here but not as bad as you have.