Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All things Vera

I am not a girly-girl and never have been. Despite the fact that my bedroom is currently pink, I've never been that into girl stuff. I don't own a million pairs of shoes, my make-up collection is very basic, and I generally hate to shop. I'm pretty sure the mall was invented by an evil genius, as was the concept of "window shopping". However, there are two things in life that I'm willing to shop for anytime, anyplace. Those things would be Vera Bradley purses, and Office Supplies. The Vera is to feed my inner girl, and the Office Supplies are to feed my inner OCD (well okay the OCD isn't really internal). Now imagine how excited I was when Vera started a line of office supplies. I imagine it's probably what Mr. Reeses felt like when he first put peanut butter together with chocolate!
I usually have to rely on my friend Kim and her excellent gift giving skills for my Vera Office Supplies since I'm to frugal...ummm cheap to buy them for myself. But today I learned the most wonderful thing. You can find some Vera at TJ Maxx! And it's on sale! I guess you really do "get the max for the minimum, minimum price". I'm telling you it was like discovering delicious fat-free cupcakes that taste like delicious fat-full cupcakes. I was able to fulfill all of my Vera Office Supply needs for 1/2 price. There was one office supply item that I couldn't find at the Max. The all new Vera Bradley Clipboard. I had to go to 3 different stores and pay full price for this beauty, but it was so worth it.
I'm telling you it was like Christmas and my Birthday all wrapped up into one glorious day!

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